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Colin Fox is an amazing director with an eye for perfection and creativity. His dedication to his work speaks volume to his character. It was a pleasure to work with Colin at the World Challenge racing events last year as well as the Global Tuner GP. I hope to work with Colin.
— Ashley van Dyke / AVD Motorsports
We have enjoyed the experience of working with Colin Fox and FoxProFilms. The production quality is excellent and the introduction into our social media platform was smooth with very few transition challenges. Colin has a unique ability to quickly develop an understanding of the culture of the business while producing appropriate pieces, keeping the context in focus. FoxProFilms offers a professional service that we are happy to recommend.
— Tim Foster / General Manager at Beaver Valley Ski Club
Colin Fox is a magician with a camera! I worked with Colin for several years when he was the main person handling the filming and production of the Dodge Viper Cup race series. He was the hardest working guy in show biz, always doing everything with a smile. Then when the owner of the production company passed away, Colin literally picked up the pieces of the company and ran the show smoothly. I was so impressed not only with his artistic side, but also the ability to get things done and lead a team. He was a delight to work with. So much so that when we took several cars over to Germany to do a lap record attempt at the Nurburgring, we used Colin to help document the event.
It was incredible. From GoPro footage to still shots, from digital video to still shots, Colin captured the entire event and edited the footage masterfully. In fact, I would be happy to share some of it if you cared to see it.
Great guy to be around, which is my #1 criteria. Great work. Very reasonable prices. I would recommend Colin for anything from a TV series to a documentary. The Dude has serious talent.
— Ben Keating / Viper Exchange Racing
Colin and his team are true professionals. They do the upfront work and planning necessary to make the most of time onsite. They are able to quickly adapt and work with what they have in front of them to go back to the studio and create a great final product. I would work with Colin and his team in an instant and recommend them wherever I can. Thanks again Colin.
— Sam Mendelsohn / Vice President of Business Development at Jonas Construction Software
We had a good experience with FoxProFilms. Colin jumped right into the project with short notice and didn’t stop until the job was done.
— Jesse Fulton / SnowCrown
Colin is a very unique individual. He possesses the ability to find a solution to issues you don’t even know exist yet while carrying on his business as if it was “another day at the office”. His calm and relaxed approach belies his ability to tackle even the most daunting task, with or without the resources the rest of us would assume are a necessity. He can in fact extract blood from a stone (I’ve seen it).
— Mark Strang / Owner and Sales Rep at Vert Agencies
Great to work with, high energy and very creative.
— Bob Raub Owner / Manager at 3R Racing

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